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10 Ways to Boost Company Morale

Posted by Maria Porto on Nov 17, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Coworkers under umbrella smiling  How do you rate your company’s morale? The tone you set can be the difference between an engaged, productive staff and high turnover. If you find that your company’s morale could use a boost, I have a few ideas in today’s blog that might help.

1. Celebrate the wins. Closing an unexpected sale, conducting a successful presentation, or helping a new employee get acclimated are the types of events to recognize. Consider a weekly company email to mention the good works of your employees.

2. Add light to your workspace. Take a look at your office. If it seems a little dark, that might be putting a damper on everyone’s mood. Opening window blinds, adding lights and including a few live plants can help brighten the day.

3. Mark milestones. We all have lives outside of work, and that includes milestones like birthdays, weddings, and babies. How nice to recognize these occasions with a greeting card signed by the entire staff.

4. Find time for fun. Set up a few board games or a Nerf basketball hoop in your break room. Organize a weekly lunch hour walk. Plan a Silly Hat Day and give out a prize for the silliest.

5. Set up a company volunteer day. If you can, set aside one workday a year to give back to the community together. Pitch in for a park clean-up, for example, or assist at a local nursing home or school.

6. Eat, drink and be merry. Plan to have breakfast available one morning a month. Something as simple as a fresh pot of coffee and some donut holes can be a welcome treat for workers, especially after a long commute or a large team project.

7. Take inventory of your management style. Read through the last five emails you sent to your employees. Do they convey an optimistic attitude? Are they short and to-the-point? Long, pessimistic messages can do damage to the work environment. The positive attitude starts with you.

8. Encourage input. Ask for feedback on new product ideas or promotions. Find out what customers are telling your representatives. And listen carefully to what employees are saying. Whether or not you act on the input, it is important to let employees know that you value what they have to say.

9. Thank your coworkers. These two words, “thank you,” can be powerful and are often overlooked. Take a minute to thank the people who help you do your job each day.

10. Lunch and learn. Turn your lunch room into a classroom! Lunch doesn’t have to be a boring break at your desk. Schedule enriching programs that fit nicely into a half-hour or hour-long break. Ask employees if they want to share their talents, such as cooking, crafting or playing cornhole. Obviously, I am also going to suggest you schedule a no-cost Lunch and Learn with my team because I’ve seen first-hand how employees appreciate the free financial instruction – and you can pick from a variety of topics to suit the interests of your team.

When morale is low, it affects your business. By making a few changes to improve morale, you are likely to see improved employee productivity, less stress in the work place, increased attendance at work, and a healthier bottom line.


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