10 Ways to Engage Your Employees with Email

A regular weekly or monthly staff email is a fun way to engage your employees. With a small amount of time and an even smaller budget (hey, it’s free!), you can boost morale, encourage teamwork and give due recognition.

There’s no need to write long articles for a company newsletter. Let’s face it, most of your employees are too busy to read lengthy emails. A simple, upbeat message will do the trick. Here are my favorite ideas for content: 

  1. Recognize the good work of an employee or department. Explain why the company will benefit from the effort.
  2. Choose an Employee of the Month. Add a few fun facts about the employee, like his or her pets, hobbies or favorite cupcake flavor.
  3. Start an Employees’ Choice Award. Survey your staff to find out things like favorite books, favorite restaurants or best coffee.
  4. List this month’s employee birthdays. Encourage co-workers to send a “Happy Birthday” message.
  5. Note work anniversaries and years of service.
  6. Congratulate personal milestones.  Acknowledge professional achievements, marriages, new babies and retirements.
  7. Post job openings. This is a good way to get the word out about opportunities within the company.
  8. Introduce new hires. Add a photo and some fun facts about new employees.
  9. Run a contest. See who can name the number of marbles in a jar or how many doors are in the office. The first one with the right answer gets a gift card to the local coffee shop.
  10. Ask employees to submit announcements and news. Mention the date of your next staff email and ask employees to submit announcements, news or shout-outs.

It doesn’t take a big budget to have fun at work. You can develop a healthy work atmosphere with something as simple as email.


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Maria Porto
Maria Porto

Maria Porto is Hanscom FCU's assistant vice president of partner relations. She may be reached at mporto@hfcu.org.

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