3 Simple Ways to Organize Your 2016 Finances

2016 is shaping up to be a fun, event filled year. It is an Olympic year, election year, and we even get an extra day because it’s Leap Year! 

So let’s get the off to a great start by organizing our finances. The great thing is, it won’t take a lot of time. Then you can fill your calendar with fun things to enjoy without financial worry. 

Here are three quick things to look over at the beginning of the year.

  1. Review Your Budget – This always tops the list. Make sure it is set up and up-to-date. If you already use a budget, this won’t take long at all. Just look over your income and expenses to make sure they are still accurate. If you’re thinking about doing something special this year, be sure to get it in the budget now. Don’t forget to check your Member Points for additional “income.” If you’ve never done a budget before, get some help from our Build-A-Budget eGuide.
  1. Set Up Online Access to Work Efficiently for You – Log in to Online Access and open your settings tab.
         Review your Alerts by category:
  • Date – Set up a reminder of a payment due or expected receipt of money.
  • Account – Set notifications to alert you when account balances reach a certain amount
  • History/Transactions – Check on transactions that have cleared your account.
  • Security – Set up alerts for specific changes to your log in ID, password, recipients, etc.

         Manage Your Bill Pay

  • Update any payees
  • Update amounts
  • Add new payees
  • Delete payees you no longer pay

All of these great alerts and features are now available on your Hanscom FCU Mobile App.  Use them to make sure that you are managing your money according to you budget!

  1. Check Your Credit Report and Score.
  • Get a copy of your credit report and score. You can get the report from annualcreditreport.com, but they will not give you your credit score. Call us at 800-656-4328 or click here to get your report and score.
  • View the report for two important reasons:
    • Security – Make sure everything in that report is yours. Contact the credit reporting agency if you see any transaction you know you didn’t make.
    • Accuracy – Most loan rates are influenced by your credit score. The better the score the lower the rate. So make sure that no one made a mistake reporting information to the credit reporting agencies.

If you are unfamiliar with your credit report and aren’t sure how to read it, we can show you how.

Three quick things to keep you on track for the new year! Learn more helpful tips with our Financial Resolutions eGuide.

Happy New Year.

 Financial Resolution eGuide

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We want to see you save in 2016.

About Author

Bill Burpeau
Bill Burpeau

Bill Burpeau is a relationship manager at Hanscom FCU. As a Credit Union Certified Financial Counselor, he is an enthusiastic advocate of financial literacy and education. He constantly studies and is up to date with the latest financial management concepts and technology. Bill is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a BBA in Business Management and served in the U.S. Navy as a Supply Officer.

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