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How to Handle Debt Collection Harassment

Posted by Dawn Weinberger on Dec 26, 2019 7:00:00 AM

Earlier this year, I set up a payment plan with a medical provider. But the billing office made an error and the next thing I knew I was receiving threatening messages from a third-party collections agency, informing me that I needed to pay the $2,500 debt immediately … or else.

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5 Surprising Regulations That Affect Your Finances

Posted by Dawn Weinberger on Dec 19, 2019 9:22:07 AM

Banking is usually straightforward. Your paycheck shows up in your account via direct deposit, you pay your bills with Bill Pay, and you withdraw your spending money from the ATM. Everything's easy and hassle-free.

Every now and then, though, you run into a rule or regulation that catches you short. While some of these regulations impact your financial life in minor ways, others are quite the opposite.

Here are 5 ways banking regulations can affect your everyday financial transactions:

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7 Things to Know Before Signing up for a Store Rewards Program

Posted by Dawn Weinberger on Oct 14, 2019 5:00:00 AM

It seems like every retail transaction we make involves some sort of secondary solicitation from the cashier. Do you want to donate to the charity du jour? Save 15% on today’s purchase by opening a store credit card? Sign up for our rewards program? (By the way, it's free and only takes two minutes to sign up!)

Even if the first two questions compel a hard no for you, signing up for a store rewards program might be worth it — especially when one is offered at a store you visit frequently and you want to save some cash.

So how do you know if a rewards program is right for you? Here are 7 things you should know before signing up for a store rewards program.

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6 Things to Know About Leaving Money and Assets to Minors

Posted by Dawn Weinberger on Oct 3, 2019 4:23:42 PM

You’ve thought long and hard about who will take on guardianship of your minor children in the event of your death, and you want to make sure that a) this trusted friend or family member has enough money to cover the costs of raising them and b) your kids will have the funds to eventually pay educational costs and/or get their adult lives started.

The truth is, the process knowing how to distribute your assets is overwhelming, so we’re here to help with 6 things you should know about leaving money and assets to minor children.

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How to Protect Your Digital Identity After Your Death

Posted by Dawn Weinberger on Sep 25, 2019 8:11:00 AM

You’ve invested time — and probably even some money — into an estate plan. And that estate plan covers a lot, like guardianship of your minor children and what should be done with your assets once you are gone.

What it might not cover? Instructions for your next of kin regarding what to do about your “digital identity,” e.g. email addresses, social media accounts, passwords, website login information, and anything else tied to your active digital footprint.

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How to Pay for Your Child's Extracurricular Activities

Posted by Dawn Weinberger on Jun 5, 2019 12:40:00 PM


If you're the parent of a child who's involved in extracurricular activities, you know the participation costs can really add up. Classes, lessons, uniforms, equipment, competitions, tournaments...the list goes on. It's easy to join the 46% of parents who spend more than $1,000 annually on one (just one!) extracurricular activity, according to a recent survey by CompareCards.

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5 Tips to Handle Checkout Charity

Posted by Dawn Weinberger on May 31, 2019 7:41:00 AM

You usually go to the store with one thing in mind — shopping. But lately it seems like more retailers are turning their checkstands into fundraising campaign headquarters, asking you for a donation to a cause in addition to taking your payment for groceries, coffee, or leggings. Would you like to add $2 to your purchase to help homeless cats? Round up to the nearest dollar to fight hunger? Buy some sort of paper icon to show your support for a cure or research? All worthy causes, of course, but it can be overwhelming when every retail transaction seems to involve a solicitation, especially when you're on a tight budget.

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6 Ways to Avoid Scams When Selling Online

Posted by Dawn Weinberger on May 2, 2019 8:42:44 AM

Selling items online you no longer need or want through websites and apps is a great way to earn extra cash and clear clutter. Unfortunately, it's also a great way for crooks to victimize or scam you. Knowing that scams exist — and knowing how to spot them — will go a long way toward keeping yourself from becoming another victim. So here are six surefire tips to avoid getting ripped off when you're selling your stuff online:

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3 Easy Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online

Posted by Dawn Weinberger on Apr 3, 2019 6:34:00 AM

First came eBay and Craigslist. Today, those old-school sites are just the tip of the iceberg for selling your stuff online. Now it's all about smartphone apps and social media to sell stuff that no longer, as Marie Kondo would say, “sparks joy.” Possibilities include OfferUp, Poshmark, and Facebook Marketplace, to name a few. But which is best? Well, that totally depends. Each has its pros and cons, and the best choice for you depends on what you are selling and how much time and effort you are willing to devote to the process. So here's a rundown on three well-known buying-and-selling apps.

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5 Ways to Save Money on Contacts and Glasses

Posted by Dawn Weinberger on Mar 18, 2019 3:59:40 PM

As one of the 45 million Americans who wears contact lenses, I’ve spent a lot of money on vision correction over the years. Unfortunately, I never really considered I might be overspending. Instead of shopping around for contacts, I simply ordered and re-ordered lenses from my optometrist’s office whenever I needed them without any regard to the price. I just figured it was the easiest and most practical option. And besides, how much would I even save by buying them elsewhere? A few dollars, maybe?

How about $70 per year?

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