Should You Use a Real Estate Agent?

In a challenging real estate climate, where every dollar counts and qualifying for a home loan has become harder, you may question whether you could save some money by going it alone – without a real estate agent. But whether you’re a buyer or a seller, a real estate professional helps to protect your interests and may even save you money.

Why it pays to use an agent

If you’re a homebuyer:
Home negotiations are often complicated and a real estate agent is trained to get you the best deal possible, from negotiating the initial purchase agreement through the closing.

An agent helps you evaluate how a home compares to others in the neighborhood. Is it a good buy?  

Many professionals are involved in the home buying process, such as home inspectors, title companies and loan officers. An agent can coordinate the services you need during the purchase.

Estimate Your Rebate
Home Sale Price Member Rebate
$100,000 $600
$200,000 $1,200
$300,000 $1,800
$400,000 $2,400
$500,000 $3,000
$600,000 $3,600
$700,000 $4,200
$800,000 $4,800
$900,000 $5,400
$1,000,000 $6,000

If you’re a home seller:
A listing agent brings sales skills, experience, pricing knowledge and marketing tips to help move your home more quickly. He or she provides ideas for sprucing up your home to prepare it for selling.

Your agent can help you evaluate serious buyers who can afford your home and meet contingencies you may have. He or she also has negotiation skills to put your best interests forward.

A listing agent will put your home into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is the primary reference source of other real estate agents for homes on the market.


Place your financing confidence in us

Having professionals working on your behalf – including a knowledgeable real estate agent and an experienced mortgage officer – is key in a challenging real estate environment. We can help with HomeAdvantage™, an online resource with MLS listings, home research information and a list of qualified sales agents.

Our HomeAdvantage sales agents offer a 20% rebate on commissions* when you use them to buy or sell a home. That’s money that could reduce your closing costs, go toward moving expenses or help you set up your new home.


Get details today at


* See for more details.

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