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Do you trust your employees with the budget?

Posted by Maria Porto on Dec 16, 2015 7:00:00 AM


“If you are wrought with financial stress and self-inflicted misfortune, you are a less effective employee. Your employer not only should be concerned with how you handle their financial resources, but how your mishandling of your own personal financial resources affects you as a human resource.” – Peter Dunn, speaker and radio host

Wow. I read this in an article on written by Peter Dunn. The article, Your decisions, good or bad, carry over at work, talks about the correlation between an employee’s financial stress and his or her ability to successfully manage finances in the workplace. It got me thinking, do you trust your employees to handle the company budget? Would you trust an employee who struggles with his or her personal money management to handle your business finances?

Dunn explains the direct impact on employee productivity in the workplace when employees suffer from financial stress, but he adds, “The indirect impact of our financial wellness issues is even scarier. Stress-related health issues top the concerns list for employers, followed closely by presenteeism and productivity issues. Presenteeism describes the situation in which someone is physically at work, but mentally elsewhere. When financial stress is present, that elsewhere is generally sorting through impending financial disasters -- and not focusing on the job at hand at work.”

We can help you overcome this type of stress at work. My team and I regularly visit companies to present our free Lunch and Learn financial education programs. We hear the financial questions that concern people, we learn about the stress that many of them suffer, and we show them how to solve financial problems and create a strategy that will allow them to have a healthy financial future. It’s an important first step that brings relief to many.

What is special to me personally is that we see first-hand how effective these programs are in helping people. These programs are truly a benefit, and not just to the employees. They also benefit the employers. By helping employees in this way, we are – simply put – helping your bottom line. The confidence that your employees gain with money management results in stronger financial decisions at work.

Let’s take the first step in reducing financial stress in your workplace. I work with a talented group of professionals who are skilled at presenting interesting and strong money management seminars. Your employees will walk away with a better understanding of their budgets and investments. They will take an important step in putting together a strategy to reach their financial goals. They will release some stress – and get a free lunch. Yeah, the lunch is on us! Learn more by clicking on the button below or email me with any questions.

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