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Eat This at Lunch to Boost Your Productivity

Posted by Maria Porto on Aug 13, 2015 10:27:00 AM

Boost_your_employees_productivity.Are you and your employees taking time to eat lunch? Are you choosing to eat foods that will boost your brain power? Studies repeatedly show the importance of fueling your body and brain to reach maximum productivity — and that means no skipping meals if you want to ace that next company presentation!

I found this infographic recently (see below), and I encourage you to share it with your employees. It explains the types of foods designed to help you stay at your best — both physically and mentally. It looks intimidating at first, especially if you are used to a midday fast food run. But with minimal planning, you can create a healthy eating plan.  

To further encourage your employees to eat wisely, try some of these tips: 

  •  Stock a fruit bowl in the company kitchen.
  •  Offer water bottles instead of soda in the break room vending machine.
  •  Encourage employees to use their lunch break and not work through it.
  •  Add a plate of vegetable sticks to the next office potluck.
  •  Replace the candy in the bowl on your desk with nuts or dark chocolates. 

What changes have you made in your office to help employees stay energized and productive? Please share ideas in the comments below!

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