Hanscom FCU’s Sales Manager Named 2016 Credit Union Rising Star

Congratulations to Mike Rzeszutek for his recognition as a Credit Union Rising Star by the Cooperative Credit Union League and CenterPoint magazine. Mike brings such energy and enthusiasm to work every day that it’s easy to see why he is a rising star.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Mike Rzeszutek traveled all the way to Texas to begin his sales career – selling memberships to fitness clubs. It is there that he learned two things that guide his thinking to this day.

First, canned sales training programs just don’t work. He believes that all training must be tailored to a specific environment and culture. 

“I like the creative freedom Hanscom FCU gives me to create my own sales training programs that help our employees really help our members,” Rzeszutek said. He constantly reminds his staff that their job is to find out what members need and help them make wise financial decisions.

Second, as cliché as it sounds, don’t sell – help your customer solve a problem. Sometimes called benefits or solutions selling, Mike doesn’t see it as selling at all. 

“I hear people say, ‘I can sell ice to Eskimos’,” Rzeszutek said. “My response is, ‘Why would you want to? Eskimos have plenty of ice! Find something they need that will help them.’”

It’s with this spirit and enthusiasm for helping people that Mike came to Hanscom FCU in 2013 as the credit union’s first Sales Manager. To Mike, it’s all about helping people find the best products to put them in a better place. As Sales Manager, he now gets to help our employees learn how to do this.

“My job is to make everyone else’s job easier to do. Whether it’s training, designing tools to help explain and show our product options to members, or giving step by step guidelines of how to do something for uniformity across the credit union, it’s to simply make their jobs that much easier. Who wouldn’t enjoy doing that every day?”



It is from this desire to help people that drew Mike into running for the Credit Unions Kids at Heart Campaign to help raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital. Arriving in Massachusetts three weeks before the Boston Marathon bombing, Mike watched in awe as the community came together to help each other. Then, watching Hanscom FCU Director Ray Phillips and his patient partner Andy Martin, Jr. in the 2014 marathon, Mike was hooked.  A natural athlete, but never having run a marathon before, he began training immediately, determined to help. Mike ran his first marathon for his patient partner Timmy Stevens in 2015 and will run for him again this year.

Hailing from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Mike naturally likes the outdoor life. His hobbies include golfing, fishing and hunting. While he doesn’t get to do these activities as often as he would like, you will find him running the streets, training for his next marathon, thinking about how he can better help people.

Congratulations, Mike.

Learn more about the  Credit Unions Kids at Heart Campaign


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Bill Burpeau
Bill Burpeau

Bill Burpeau is a relationship manager at Hanscom FCU. As a Credit Union Certified Financial Counselor, he is an enthusiastic advocate of financial literacy and education. He constantly studies and is up to date with the latest financial management concepts and technology. Bill is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a BBA in Business Management and served in the U.S. Navy as a Supply Officer.

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