HFCU Sales Manager Takes on His First Boston Marathon

What motivates someone to take on the Boston Marathon? All different things, I guess, but to my mind, you’d have to be really motivated to run 26.2 miles in the same day.

HFCU sales manager Mike Rzeszutek is one of those motivated people. The Midwestern native found his inspiration at the 2014 Boston Marathon. He went to watch HFCU board member Ray Phillips, who was running for Team Hanscom as a Boston Children’s Hospital runner with the Credit Unions Kids at Heart program. The experience changed him.  

“It was absolutely an inspiration. I thought, ‘Someday I’m going to do that,’” Mike said. “I started running the next day.”

Though he had never run more than a few miles at one time, Mike was ready for the marathon challenge. It did not matter to him that he had never run a marathon. He just wanted to run. And run. And run. Mike kept running. Through his first 10 mile run, when he didn’t know he should eat something along the way. Through a relentlessly snowy winter. His trademark optimism kept him going. In fact, he referred to the many hours he spent shoveling as “great cross-training.”

He enjoyed the weekly team runs and the advice of other runners. A trainer helped team members develop their running skills and endurance.

Mike also enjoyed being matched with his Boston Children’s Hospital patient partner, Timmy Stevens. Timmy has been with the credit union team for 15 years — almost its whole existence — cheering on 25 different runners. Now, for the first time, Timmy has a local partner.

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“It’s been great getting to know Timmy and his family. He doesn’t talk, but he communicates with smiles. You know he’s there and you know he’s listening,” Mike said.

As a sales manager, Mike is constantly looking for ways to inspire his team and help them gain a better understanding of their role in improving members’ financial lives and furthering the goals of the credit union.

As a runner, Mike continues to inspire, making a difference in the lives of children.

Good luck in your first Boston Marathon, Mike!

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