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How an Educational Seminar during Lunch Helps Your Employees

Posted by Maria Porto on Jul 30, 2015 12:02:11 PM

Cheryl_Lunch_and_LearnWe regularly offer free educational seminars at companies we work with. We use the mid-day lunch break to help people increase financial literacy. It’s a privilege for us to educate folks about their credit scores, budgeting, investing and money management.

A seminar always begins with lunch, which we bring free for all registered participants. Then our topic expert presents information on the chosen topic. Attendees ask questions, and the whole thing wraps up in about 45 minutes.

Voila! Improved financial lives for your employees without leaving work, and without any cost or extra effort for you.

Our programs are carefully designed to help employees become financially self-sufficient and successful.  Every session ends with an evaluation to let us know how we did and what topics your employees are interested in the future.

We don’t go into a workplace and sell products. We listen to you and adapt our programs accordingly. Here’s what our presenters have to say about Lunch and Learn seminars:

“Our education programs are designed to help your employees become financially self-sufficient and successful —whether they are well-established or just starting out. Showing people how to take control of their finances is so important.” Ferdousi

“People get so much from this program. I see many people who really need help managing their budget or dealing with debt. Sometimes I can even see the stress lift from their shoulders when I’m able to give them the tools they need.” Cheryl

I once saw a coffee mug that said, “Lunch is for wimps.” Ah, if they only knew the truth!

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