What do I take to the company Yankee Swap?

Whatever you call it, whether Holiday Gift Exchange, Yankee Swap, Secret Santa or the like, it’s almost inevitable someone at work will suggest an event to share holiday cheer. If the budget is tight this year, or if you are out of gift ideas, we have ideas for you.

For about 10 to 15 dollars, you can find candles, gift cards, chocolates or movie tickets. These are also “safe” options when it comes to appropriate gifts. Another favorite gift at the office party are lottery tickets. It’s ironic the winner could leave work and see the world with a sufficiently large payout!

If your company is going with a more upscale party theme, a nice bottle of wine is always a great gift provided your company doesn’t frown on a gift of alcohol. Restaurant gift certificates work well, too.

Looking for a little more ho-ho-ho? If yours is a lighthearted gathering to enjoy some informal time with coworkers, you might want to go for something a bit more humorous. The more outlandish (and still politically correct) the better.

The first place to “shop” is your closet/garage/basement. What a great opportunity to re-gift something you already own. Almost anything “As Seen On TV” is an ideal item for a humorous gift exchange. And who doesn’t need a Pocket Fisherman, a Rhinestone Stud Setter, or Great Looking Hair Formula #9?

Next try one of the stores where everything is a dollar. Things there are often fun. How about those skewers used to hold corn on the cob? Salt and pepper shakers come in a scary number of configurations! 

For something more creative, combine a few simple gifts. A movie gift certificate can be wrapped in a pail along with microwave popcorn for “a night at the movies, for example.

Discount stores often have interesting food selections. A container of honey-roast cashews can be a sought after gift for trading. Anything “jerky” appeals to a particular taste, and can be a fun item to see desired and repelled at the same time by the holiday revelers.

One word of caution, though. If the gag gift requires explanation as to why it is the perfect gift, it is not perfect. Gag gifts should stand on their own.

As a holiday gift to yourself and your family, download our free Holiday Spending Guide. It offers tips and ideas to keep your budget in control this season!

Holiday Spending Budget Template

What’s the best way to pay for the holidays?
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