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Get smart about financing your next car...and drive away happy!

Your Guide to Smart Auto Financing will give you the tips and tools you need to make the best decision about financing your next vehicle.
This free eGuide covers: 
  • The vehicle features you should consider
  • Determining how much car you can afford
  • Financing considerations
  • Negotiating price
  • Legalities and protecting your rights
  • How you can get the best of buying and leasing with our Better Than a Lease Program
  • and so much more!


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Financing Considerations

  • How your FICO score affects financing
  • Knowing the difference between prime and subprime loans
  • Three options for your financing

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Making the Right Choices

  • Creating a spending plan
  • Weighing price vs. budget
  • Vehicle features to consider
  • Hanscom FCU's Loan Calculator
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Negotiating Price

  • Sticking to your budget
  • How to research using Hanscom FCU's AutoSMART
  • The best times to make your purchase