Your Family's Future Matters

Hanscom Federal Credit Union's free eGuide will help you develop an estate plan that protects what you value. 


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Your estate plan should give your family peace of mind when they need it the most.

Hanscom FCU's Savvy Guide to Smart Estate Planning shows how anyone can create an estate plan easily, no matter what life stage they're in. 
In this free downloadable guide, you'll learn: 
  • Why estate planning is important for every adult, not just those who are super-wealthy or retired
  • How to get started
  • What to look for in choosing your executor
  • The other documents your estate plan will need besides a last will & testament
  • When to update your estate plan throughout your life
    ... and so much more!


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Your Assets & Liabilities

  • What are assets and liabilities
  • How to account for them in your plan
  • Where you should store important information
  • Ensuring your digital assets remain safe
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Choosing Your Executor

  • What an executor does
  • How to choose the right person to represent your estate
  • What may prevent someone from acting as your estate executor in some states
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Keeping Your Estate Plan Current

  • When you should update your will
  • Additional documents you'll need throughout your lifetime
  • How to talk to friends and family about your future wishes and plans