Yes, you can buy a home!

Hanscom Federal Credit Union's free First-Time Homebuyer's Handbook will help you navigate the process. 


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Make your first home-buying experience straightforward and easy!

Our First-Time Homebuyer’s Handbook will walk you through the mortgage process so that you'll be totally prepared when you make an offer on your first home. 
In this free downloadable guide, you'll learn: 
  • How to determine a loan payment you can afford
  • What to do to get pre-qualified
  • The different types of mortgage loans and which one's the right one for you
  • What documentation you'll need to apply for a loan
  • The important questions to ask potential lenders
    ... and so much more!


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Getting Your Finances In Order

  • Where to get a free credit report
  • Creating a household budget
  • How to save for a down payment
  • Which documents you'll need for your mortgage application
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Understanding Mortgages

  • What your monthly payment covers
  • Fixed-rate vs. adjustable-rate mortgage: which is right for you?
  • The 7 questions you should ask lenders
  • How mortgage prequalification can help you
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After Your Offer is Accepted

  • What to expect when you've found your home
  • Why a home inspection can help you
    The mortgage terms you need to know
  • What happens on closing day
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