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750. 670. 620. 575. What do these numbers really mean?

Your credit report and the three digits that make up your credit score influence your life in many ways, so it's imperative you understand them and keep them in the best shape possible.
Our Credit Report eGuide gives you a quick reference tool to learn how you can keep your credit report and score in tip-top shape.

Topics include:

  • What is a credit report?
  • Credit bureaus
  • The sections of your credit report
  • Credit scores
  • A sample credit report
  • Your rights
  • Protecting yourself from errors
  • Establishing credit
  • Maintaining your credit
  • Identity theft
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What is in your credit report?

  • The trade lines or accounts you'll find tracked in your credit report
  • Which accounts are in collections or in dispute
  • Who has accessed your credit report
  • What is not in your credit report

Find out your rights

  • How to get your credit reports for free
  • What to do when you see an error
  • How long negative information can remain on your reports by law

How to maintain good credit

  • Other things you can do besides pay on time
  • The value of older trade lines
  • When you should be careful about applying for new credit
  • Why credit repair is a myth
  • and so much more!
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