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Our free Money & Marriage eGuide will walk you through the financial decisions you need to make together to start your marriage off on the right foot.


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The Key to a Solid Marriage is Great Communication Especially About Money!

Our Money & Marriage eGuide walks you through important conversations to have with your partner so that you're both on the same page when it comes to your finances.
Our free downloadable guide will walk you through important topics: 
  • Why it's so important to talk about finances before getting married
  • How to talk about debt in a way that is both productive and non-judgemental
  • Way being transparent about debt is important
  • How to decide if combining finances is right for you
  • What steps to take if a vendor bails
  • Smart ways to save for your wedding day
  • Strategies for trimming your budget
    ...and more!


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Money & Marriage LP 1

What to Talk About Before the Wedding

  • What are your (individual!) financial goals?

  • Do your financial habits work against each other?

  • How much control do you need over your own money?

Money & Marriage LP 2

How to Handle the Hard Topics

  • Why it's so important to talk about your debt, even if you keep your money separate.

  • The 5 questions you should ask yourself before deciding to merge your money

Money & Marriage LP 3

Planning for the Big Day

  • How to decide if taking out a loan is right for you

  • The most important steps to take before signing vendor contracts

  • Tips and tricks for saving precious dollars on your wedding day

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