6 Security Steps for Protecting Personal Information

Secure your information


With increasing news reports about data breaches, take precautions now to protect your identity:

1. Check your credit report.
As a member of Hanscom FCU, you can request a free copy of your credit report. Visit www.hfcu.org/score to learn more.

2. Monitor your credit card statement. 

Look for any unauthorized charges, regardless of how small they are.

3. Stay on top of your bank accounts. 

Set a time each day to review your accounts. Make it easy by signing up for Online Access. Learn more at www.hfcu.org/access.

4. Set up Hanscom FCU account alerts. 

When using Online Access, you will see Alerts and Security options. Set up alerts to notify you if your security alert preferences are changed, a new user is created, or a new computer browser is identified.

5. Add a fraud alert to your credit file. 

If you have concerns that your data might have been stolen, a fraud alert will warn credit issuers to use all efforts to verify your identity before opening credit in your name.

6. File your taxes early. 

Scammers may try to use your Social Security number to claim a tax refund. Beat them to it by filing your return promptly.

For more security information, subscribe to the Hanscom Federal Credit Union blog. Sign up at www.hfcu.org/blog.
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