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What to Do After a Data Breach

Posted by Diana Burrell on Oct 15, 2018 9:20:23 AM

Several years ago, a thick envelope landed in my mailbox. Its return address was that of the hospital where I’d been receiving treatment. Upon opening the envelope, I was horrified that it contained not only my own medical records, but those of twelve other patients, along with our insurance claims. For some unknown reason, the hospital had put my address on the envelope instead of the claims processor’s address.

I promptly called the hospital to report the erroneous mailing and was instructed to destroy the records, which included patient names, addresses, and their own detailed health information. Several months later, I received a letter from the hospital offering me a year’s worth of free credit protection because of their mistake. What did the hospital do beyond that to secure these wayward records? Nothing. They took my word for it that I'd destroyed the mailing. What if those records had gotten into the hands of someone who wasn't diligent and trustworthy?

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Five Ways We Keep Your Online Access Secure

Posted by Scott Heinz on Oct 5, 2018 11:18:00 AM

It's our responsibility at Hanscom FCU to keep your member information as safe as possible, and it's a responsibility I take seriously. Yes, I get that it can be frustrating to deal with the layers of security required to access your account information. You just want to jump on your computer to check your balance and not have to jump through hoops to do it! But rest assured, these so-called hoops are for protection of your identity and assets. Here are five important ways we keep your online access with us secure:

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5 Ways an Online Money Manager Makes Life Easier

Posted by Diana Burrell on Jul 16, 2018 10:38:00 AM

You're busy. You have big plans for the future, places to go, friends to meet. Does it really make sense to spend time bouncing from one website to another to check out your car loan, another to pay your mortgage, and yet another to look at your checking account balance? That’s so 2008!

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Why Online Banking Is Safer

Posted by MoneyWisdom Newsletter on Jul 13, 2018 10:28:40 AM

Contrary to what you might believe, online banking is actually safer than doing things the old-fashioned way. Here’s why:

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Get More from Your Membership with Online Service

Posted by MoneyWisdom Newsletter on Oct 25, 2017 10:06:30 AM

Fall is a busy time of year. Cut down on the time you spend managing your money by going online. You’ll love the convenience of managing your accounts from your computer or phone.

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Conquer Your Budget with My Money Manager

Posted by MoneyWisdom Newsletter on Jul 12, 2017 10:50:30 AM

Budgeting your money is an important step in achieving any financial goal, whether it’s eliminating debt, saving for a home, or building a retirement fund. But it doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming.

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How do I update my web browser? Help is here.

Posted by Hanscom Federal Credit Union on Apr 25, 2017 3:27:00 PM


I have to ask—do you know what an internet browser is? I mean, you are using one right now, I know, but can you tell me which browser you are using and whether it’s up to date?

Don’t be embarrassed if you have no idea. Instead, take a moment to learn. Why? Keeping your internet browser up-to-date is important for security and to ensure that web pages load properly.

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Hanscom FCU Cards Go Digital

Posted by MoneyWisdom Newsletter on Apr 11, 2017 3:58:49 PM

You can now pay faster at thousands of retailers using your Hanscom FCU ATM & Check Card or your Hanscom FCU MasterCard Credit Card from your mobile phone.

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Paper Checks a Pain? Use EasyDeposit for Fast Relief!

Posted by MoneyWisdom Newsletter on Oct 6, 2016 7:11:49 AM

Have you ever wanted to deposit a check the minute you received it? Do you wish there was a fast, easy way to make that deposit?

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No More IOUs for You

Posted by MoneyWisdom Newsletter on Oct 4, 2016 8:55:10 AM

You know the routine. The gang is at lunch, and it’s time to pay the tab.

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