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Video: Deposit Checks the Easy Way

Posted by Hanscom Federal Credit Union on Mar 6, 2015 2:53:00 PM

EasyDepositPaper checks have been on the decline for years. Direct deposit, online payment, and electronic payments like Popmoney are the norm. Even my nephew prefers a gift card, or just plain cash, thank you very much.

Still, checks are not going away. You may have one or two of them in your wallet right now. So here’s good news:  you can deposit paper checks to your Hanscom FCU account using your mobile device. It’s available anytime, anywhere. No need to drive to a branch or hunt for an envelope and stamp.

How easy is it? Just take photos of the front and back of your check and upload them to our mobile app. It’s secure, and fast and free. You’ll see confirmation of the deposit in your account, and you’ll have access to a digital copy of the check for your records.

Here are some things to keep in mind when enrolling in and using EasyDeposit:

  1.        You must be enrolled in Online Banking to use EasyDeposit Mobile. This is a security measure to protect your account.
  2.        There are two apps to download: the Hanscom FCU Mobile Access app and the EasyDeposit Mobile helper app (both available at Google Play and the Apple iTunes store).
  3.        EasyDeposit requires a credit check due to the high limit for daily deposits. It’s done automatically when you check the user agreement.
  4.        Once you apply for EasyDeposit, you will receive a response by email within two business days.
  5.        Checks deposited with EasyDeposit are subject to the same hold policy as paper checks. Review our check hold policy here.

Get started by watching this step-by-step video:



For more information, check out our FAQ page. For assistance with EasyDeposit, call us anytime at 800-656-4328, send us a secure message from your online account, or email us at Please do not include sensitive personal information such as your account number in your email.

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