4 Job Resources for Military Spouses

Being the husband or wife of a member of the armed forces can present unique challenges when it comes to landing and keeping a job. However, you have the advantage of access to several organizations geared toward helping people just like you find work.

Military Spouse Employment Partnership
This organization partners with many Fortune 500 companies to identify jobs that will fit well for military spouses and then helps you try to land one of those positions. Many of the positions are portable, making it easier to keep your job if/when you need to relocate. There are also resources to help you build a resume, prepare for interviews, and stand out from the crowd of applicants.

Hiring Our Heroes
In addition to helping servicemen and women find career opportunities, this division of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation also offers a substantial program to help military spouses. Among the services are mentoring programs, job fairs and both online and in-person networking opportunities.

Military.com Spouse Employment Page
On top of hosting a database or jobs, this site has a wealth of practical tips for the military spouse. You can learn about the types of jobs military spouses tend to thrive in, resources available through specific branches of the armed forces, and the best ways to network.

Military Spouse Corporate Career Connection
This nonprofit goes beyond simply helping you get a job by also providing a series of free tools for enhancing your skills and career outlook. You can take advantage of virtual training, gap skills courses, train-to-hire opportunities, apprenticeships and much more.

As the spouse of a person serving our country, you are entitled to special career help. By reaching out to get that assistance, you can increase your chances of finding the job that will help your family achieve more financial stability.

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