Surprising Student Discounts and Deals

Being a student can be expensive, especially when it comes to paying for college or post-graduate school. That’s why if you are a student – or if you are the parent of a current student – it pays to become educated in the ways one can save money by flashing a student ID. Not everyone is aware of the all of the deals discounts that are out there – and how they can add up.

Here are nine categories of the more notable deals and discounts – some of which may surprise you. 

1. Hardware and Software

Top hardware providers such as Apple, Dell, HP and Epson offer impressive programs that discount products for students, including laptops, notebooks, printers, and more, along with some accessories. While some discounts are for college students only, others include K-12, teachers, and parents buying for their kids. Additionally, software providers such as Microsoft and Adobe offer deep discounts on licensed software. Make sure you do your research with your school on any special requirements before checking out specific vendor offerings. 

2. Store Discounts on Electronics and Furnishings

Some stores such as Best Buy offer special college student discounts on everything from an HD TV to gaming equipment. Target offers 5% cash back on furniture and electronics when you sign up with – and this is on top of any other sales that might be going on. Pier 1 offers 15% off for students with a valid ID. 

3. Clothing Store Discounts

Outfitting yourself can be as expensive as outfitting a dorm room, if you aren’t smart at shopping. There are lots of popular clothing stores that offer discounts for students, including The Limited, J. Crew, Banana Republic, and even Goodwill. For a list of stores, check out this list on 

4. Online Store Discounts

Many of the stores listed above also offer the same program for online purchases. In addition, online giant offers special student discounts through its Amazon Student program. On top of discounts, Two-day shipping is free with the 6-month trial; after that Amazon Prime is 50% off for students. 

5. Cell and Data Plan Discounts

Cell and data plans can be a huge expense for students. T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint each have generous student discount programs for both cell and data plans. 

6. Club Membership Discounts

Want to stay healthy and join a gym? Interested in yoga classes? How about getting a AAA card for auto protection or a Appalachian Mountain Club membership to help you explore the great outdoors? Many club memberships offer student rates that can be 50% less than the individual membership rate. Don’t forget big box club memberships like BJ’s or Sam’s Club. 

7. Food and Dining

You may not think to pull out your card when eating out, but think again: there are numerous eating establishments that offer a student discount. For example, Subway, Burger King, and Waffle House shave 10% off your bill with a Student ID, and Qdoba offers $5 student meals. 

8. Services

Some services that you might not think of give student discounts, like the Wall Street Journal or The New York Times. Jiffy Lube and Zip Car offer discounts for students with auto needs. In addition, insurance companies typically offer a student discount for auto insurance. 

9. Travel and Leisure

Take in a great flick with discounts at AMC Theatres or Cinemark. Or, go to the theatre or a museum for a discounted rate. Some universities have relationships with museums that offer free admission to students. If you are traveling in the U.S., you can receive a discount on Greyhound or Amtrak; abroad, the Rail Europe offers a Youth Pass. 

In short, whatever you need to purchase, whether it’s food or tickets to a favorite show, it pays to always carry your Student ID card and ask if there is a student discount. There are many more discounts than this post can cover. If you have a favorite, please share it below! 

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