To cool down wedding expenses, think winter.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we don’t mean Christmas or Hanukkah. We’re singing the praises of winter weddings. Why? Couples in the Northeast who tie the knot anywhere between January and March can enjoy more flexibility in wedding planning, save a bundle on their budget, and host a wedding and reception that’s memorable. Here are some reasons why you may want to wait until the beginning of a New Year for your new life together.

Get the wedding you dreamed of more easily.

Did you always want to get married in that certain chapel, but there’s a two-year waiting list during the warmer months? What about a venue you have your eye on, along with hundreds of other engaged couples? Prices fluctuate with supply and demand, so you are in luck. Inquire about winter availability, and ask about off-season discounts. But before jumping at a bargain-basement price, make sure your dream location includes heat and easy accessibility in inclimate weather.

Take advantage of dress sales.

Holiday sales events, like Black Friday and Day-After Christmas sales, mean savings for big ticket items like gowns. You may also find that many retailers are trying to clear inventory to make way for the new Spring fashions. If you have your eye on a certain dress or shop, ask about upcoming sales.

Save big on services.

Since the winter is a slow time for most wedding service providers, especially in colder climates, you can warm up to a bundle of savings. Price several vendors and negotiate packages. Expect flexible pricing and discounted rates on your catering, cake, limo, photographer, and more by scheduling in winter.

Make the day memorable.

The one exception to winter savings is flowers – expect to pay full price, and have a more limited choice of selections. Or, forgo the flowers altogether! Winter décor can be stunning. Head out just after Christmas to shop for drastically discounted winter-themed decorations using pine cones, ribbon, garland and candles. For some cool inspiration, check out these 25 from

Are you planning a winter wedding? What kinds of savings have you found? Share your tips below.


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