Use a Mobile Wallet to Check Out Fast

My daughter made a purchase at a mall store recently. She stood at the register, counting out change from her piggy bank. The folks in line behind us smiled indulgently, charmed by her earnestness.

Try that at a busy grocery check-out, and you’ll more likely get an eye roll. Faster is better when your ice cream is melting on the conveyor belt.

Luckily, you can speed things up with Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay™, or Google Pay™. Upload your Hanscom FCU ATM & Check Card and credit card to your phone, and paying is fast and easy. You’ll also have convenient access to transactions and security features to keep your cards safe.

How Does It Work?

To begin, check your phone for a preprogrammed app in the settings. If you don’t have one, download it from your device’s app store. Most phones require you to set up a screen lock for security. If you don’t have one, you can find it in your phone settings.

Next, add your card information to the wallet as instructed. You may be asked to contact us. Call the card services center at 781-698-2030. We will authenticate your request and activate your card for mobile use.

Convenient and Free

Paying with a tap of the phone is simple, and transaction details are easily viewable in the member’s mobile wallet as well as our online account.  Plus, there are no fees from us or the retailer for members to use mobile payments.

Is It Secure?

Yes. Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay don’t use your actual card number. Instead, they use a tokenized account number. This code is encrypted, a one-time-use code that can be interpreted only by Hanscom FCU. Your card details and private information are never exposed.

Following general safe use guidelines will go a long way towards keeping all your mobile activities safe. Change your passwords regularly, keep your system software updated, and scrub your phone when you replace it.

For information on mobile services, and a video tour of the Hanscom FCU mobile app, visit

What Types of Checking Accounts Does Hanscom FCU Offer?

View our checking accounts here


Want to start speeding up the time you spend waiting in line at the grocery store, movies, or coffee bar? Add your Hanscom FCU Debit and Check Card or credit card to your mobile pay app today.

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