Get More From Your Checking Account in 3 Simple Steps

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Your checking account offers more than a convenient, safe place to deposit funds and track expenses. It also provides money-saving features and perks that can help save time, but only if you're aware of them. Use these three simple, yet powerful, tips to get more from your checking account.

Step 1. Clarify your checking account needs based on your lifestyle.

Frequent ATM usage or debit card purchases can be costly with a checking account mismatch. For example, if you use zero-based budgeting to manage your money, an account with a minimum balance requirement could do more harm than good.

Review checking account statements from the last 90 days to identify patterns which might include:

  • High ATM usage
  • Overdraft or monthly maintenance fees
  • Maintaining a high balance in the account

Certain account features can help resolve or reward specific money management behaviors.

Step 2. Understand the features of your checking account to save money.

After examining your money behaviors, you can better assess your account's features and decide if it's still the best one for you. It's possible to save or earn money with your checking account, depending on how you use it. For example, if you only use paper checks, an account that offers unlimited free checks can help save money. Or, if debit card purchases are your preferred method of payment, then a free Kasasa Cash Back® checking account could help you earn while spending.

Step 3. Use checking account features to save time.

 Using an account that offers services that support your lifestyle saves time. Account benefits that can help you gain more hours each month include:

  • Direct deposit - Skip the drive-thru and have your payroll checks directly deposited into your Hanscom FCU checking account. Receive payroll checks up to two days sooner with Payday Perqs.
  • Easy Deposit - Deposit paper checks on-the-go using your mobile phone.
  • Online and Mobile Access - Use your computer or mobile device to pay bills, send person-to-person payments, and manage other aspects of your account with no need to visit a branch location.

Think about the things that are most important to you and choose a checking account with features that enhance your life. When a checking account meets your needs, getting the most out of it is easy.

Open a high-dividend rate or cash-back checking account at Hanscom FCU today. And if you already have a Hanscom FCU checking account, speak with a member services representative or our remote services team to make sure you're maximizing the benefits and features of your account.

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