Easy Ways To Go Green With Your Finances

You don't have to be a full-time environmentalist to appreciate the value of "going green." Practicing green habits at home and in the workplace can make a difference not only to the world, but also to your wallet.

Here are some convenient and cost-saving ways we can help you to save energy and limit waste – creating a healthier, happier planet.

Online Statements are a great starting point. Instead of receiving paper statements, save a tree or two by checking your statement online. View your Hanscom FCU accounts up to seven years of archives for easy record keeping. Click here to get started.

Online Banking allows you to monitor your accounts, transfer balances and receive your bills, all from the convenience of your home or office. Pay bills in advance, track your deposits and withdrawals, even  pay a person easily and securely, anytime.

Online Bill Pay helps you pay your bills electronically – saving you the cost of envelopes and postage. Sign up for eBills and have your bill sent directly to you electronically. Set up payments in advance and never  worry about being late again.

Payday Perqs can help you get paid early. When you use direct deposit, we'll make your funds available to you as soon as we are  notified, which could put money in your hands a few days ahead.

A MassSave 0% Loan can help you make energy-efficient home improvements without a big upfront cost. This program is available to Massachusetts homeowners through utilities that participate in the MassSave program. Start with a home energy audit from a  knowledgeable professional.

Use the funds, up to $50,000 with terms up to seven years, to replace or install heating and cooling systems, add insulation or put in energy  efficient windows. Learn more at www.hfcu.org/MassSave.

Auto loan discount of 0.25% for vehicles that receive a combined miles per gallon rating of 30 mpg or more. Check www.fueleconomy.gov to find a qualifying vehicle that fits your needs. 


These are our green ideas. What are yours? @HanscomFCU or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HanscomFederalCreditUnion.

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