College Hunting? Don't Miss These Tips

Visiting a college campus in person can help determine if a school is right for you. It can help you eliminate schools that are a poor fit, and offers insight you just can’t get from any other source.

An important first step is to sign up for a school’s official information session or campus tour. Then, use these off-the-beaten-path tips to gather more material to make choosing a college easier.

  • Take a tour online. Browsing around a school’s website should give you the basics (directions, parking information, campus map). Note if the descriptions and pictures online match up with reality after your in-person tour.
  • Spend time at the student center or dining hall. A busy “hub” of the campus can provide important insight to student life. Note how students interact. Are they friendly and having interesting discussions? Are they keeping to themselves and in a rush? Don’t be afraid to approach current students and let them know you are considering going there. Candid feedback can give you a better understanding of campus culture. Grab a copy of the student newspaper while you’re there too.
  • Stop by an academic department of interest. Even if you aren’t certain of your field of study, a visit during office hours may allow you to chat with a professor and see how faculty members interact with students.
  • Inquire about campus safety. A safe place to study and socialize is important. If you don’t ask, your parents probably will!
  • Ask questions at the financial aid department. If you are concerned a school may be out of your budget, the financial aid department can provide information on opportunities such as grants, work-study programs and more.
  • Take pictures and notes. Recap your visit as soon as possible. List pros and cons that are easy to compare with any other campuses you visit.

helping you get there

We know choosing a college is a big investment. We’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to save for college, borrow, or manage your finances once you’re on campus, we’re with you all the way.

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