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Maria Porto Provides Added Value to Employee Benefits Programs

Posted by Hanscom Federal Credit Union on Jan 20, 2016 8:15:32 AM

Maria_P.jpgAs a professional in the credit union world for over 20 years, Maria Porto has a deep understanding of credit unions and the benefits employees can experience as members. Currently, Maria is the Assistant Vice President of Partner Relations at Hanscom Federal Credit Union, building key relationships with companies that are considering Hanscom FCU as part of their benefits package. 

“My purpose and mission is to assist as many companies and employees as I can, providing value to their benefit package suite,” Maria said. “I work with companies to look at benefit package goals, as well as their employees’ personal financial goals.” 

It’s a win-win relationship that Maria has seen time and time again. “For the employers themselves, we provide educational resources they don’t have to pay for. As far as the employees, what we find is that if employees are fiscally fit, they experience less stress in their lives, so they are more productive at work,” she said. 

Maria and her team build strategic relationships through a variety of educational outreach programs, including Lunch and Learn seminars and online webinars that tackle topics like Credit Score Enhancement, Money Management and Investing 101. 

“I love getting out and meeting new people – getting to know them professionally and personally,” said Maria. Her favorite quote, by David Allen, sums up her approach to both her professional and personal life: “You can do anything but not everything.” 

Maria excels in her areas of competence. She is committed to serving others not only in her professional career at Hanscom FCU, but also in her community. She is the President of the Bedford Chamber of Commerce, serves on the Membership Committee of the Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts, and participates in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. 

As President of the Bedford Chamber of Commerce, Maria helps local businesses thrive. “We provide resources for the local companies, and we try to help them in their future endeavors,” she said. 

At Hanscom FCU, Maria is looking forward to fostering new relationships in 2016. “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to connect with companies and employees and provide information.” 

For information on how your Hanscom FCU can enhance your employee benefits package, contact Maria.

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