Credit Unions: Your Strongest Advocate

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We are proud of Hanscom FCU’s 63-year tradition of providing superior financial service responsive to members’ needs. Our sole purpose is to help you live a better life and help our community prosper.

Those of you who already belong to a credit union know the power of cooperative organization. However, too many others are not aware of the credit union difference. The time to spread awareness is now, and you can help.

The Credit Union National Association, our trade group, has developed an awareness initiative that identifies the four key differences between credit unions and all other financial institutions. With support from credit union members around the country, we are using these statements to bring more members into the credit union movement.

  1. Credit unions are different from banks. We are owned and controlled by the people who use our services. The cooperative structure of credit unions creates a cycle of mutual assistance toward the common goal of the financial well-being of members.

  2. Credit unions are not-for-profit, unlike Wall Street. We exist solely to serve members, not to earn profits or satisfy stockholders.

  3. Credit unions are member-owned, like Main Street. Our purpose is to improve all members’ personal finances with well-priced loans and higher rates on savings.

  4. Credit unions return earnings to members. Hanscom FCU has returned funds through annual loyalty dividends and loan rebates, as well as keeping loan rates low, savings rates high and reduced fees.

These messages have a proven ability to change behaviors and encourage people to join a credit union.


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