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Hanscom FCU Helps Member Buy Dream Car

Posted by Hanscom Federal Credit Union on Aug 2, 2016 3:30:58 PM


Hanscom FCU member Paul shown here with his wife, Angel, and his dream car.

Hanscom FCU member Paul Miller had a lifetime dream of owning a Porsche, and the time seemed right to turn that dream into a reality. After two months of searching for his dream car, he spotted it. Delivered to the dealership just a few hours before, the car gleamed with a shiny black exterior with matching black interior. To Paul, everything screamed, “Yes!”

Paul made plans that day to buy the car, proudly telling the dealership that he would like only to work with the JFK Branch of Hanscom Federal Credit Union. It took two weeks for the dealership to gather the paperwork and send it to Hanscom FCU, and only 30 minutes more before Paul had his financing in place. 

“Being able to help finance our member’s dream car is one of the best parts about this job,” said Sarah Brown, the Hanscom FCU JFK Branch member service representative who helped make Paul’s dream come true. 

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