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MasterCard® Credit Card Brings Extra Security, Benefits to Credit Cards

Posted by Hanscom Federal Credit Union on Jul 13, 2016 11:20:19 AM

Hanscom FCU’s Platinum Credit Card now carries the MasterCard brand. Your new card has updated chip technology to increase security, and you now have access to MasterCard benefits such as Fuel Rewards®, the Priceless® Cities program and MasterCard ID Theft Protection™.

Microchip technology makes it difficult to copy your card for fraudulent use, and is quickly becoming a standard for debit and credit cards. With microchip technology you can be sure you're getting the most secure credit card available. To use a chip card, simply insert it into an enabled chip card reader at check-out and follow the prompts. Where a merchant has not enabled their chip card readers, you can swipe your card through the magnetic stripe reader.

You can also add your Platinum MasterCard to your Apple Pay® Wallet. Use your iPhone® or Apple Watch® to make payments at participating retailers.

The features you appreciate about our card, like great rates, no-fee cash advances and no-fee balance transfers, are not changing. In addition to the best secured credit card, we still offer the same rate for purchases, advances and credit card balance transfers. Plus, enrolled credit cards still earn MemberPoints.

Link your card with MasterCard Fuel Rewards and get cents-per-gallon discounts on fuel at participating Shell stations. Whenever you shop, dine or make day-to-day purchases at any merchant or restaurant participating in the Fuel Rewards program, you earn discounts on your gas purchases.

Check out the MasterCard Priceless®program and treat yourself or a loved one to exclusive shopping, dining, entertainment, sports and travel experiences. They’re available in Boston, New York, and seven other North American cities, and many more around the world.

Your Platinum MasterCard can help detect and resolve identity theft with ID Theft Protection. At no extra cost, you have access to Internet monitoring services, emergency wallet replacement, and expert resolution services to guide you through the process of restoring your good name.

For more information or to apply for a Hanscom FCU Platinum MasterCard, visit
us at

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