How can I find the best job applicants?

 Looking for a good hire is a lot like looking for a good date. If you want the right person to notice you, you make your best effort for attention. So it is with finding that dream hire. Yet, it is surprising to see many help wanted ads fall flat when flirting with the candidates.

It all starts with the job listing, and here is where you can make a big impact. Post an ad that talks about what you have to offer. Read that sentence a few times. Instead of posting what you need from the potential employee, consider what you have to offer to the candidate. For example: 

  1. Career advancement. How can this position help someone’s career? Will there be specialized training? What are the chances of getting promoted?
  2. Company benefits. Do you have a generous vacation allowance? Can the candidate earn a bonus? Do you offer flex hours, paternity leave or on-site childcare?
  3. Positive work environment. If you have fun at work, share the good news. Mention volunteer initiatives, office celebrations and dress-down Fridays.
  4. Location features. Mention benefits of the office setting. Proximity to public transportation, major highways, bike trails and parks are bonuses. Local shopping and daycare is a plus. 

Once you have attractive copy for your posting, think about how you might dress it up. Photos of happy co-workers, short videos of company events, and workplace testimonials can make a job listing stand out. 

Your goal in posting a job opening is to make someone want to learn more. The days of listing only position requirements are over. Today’s candidates are asking, “What’s in it for me?” With creative consideration of your job post, you have an opportunity to sell the answer to that question. 

My only caution is to be honest. As fun as it is to get ready to meet your potential candidate pool, avoid over-selling the position. Honesty is important. Review the job posting to make sure it is in line with expectations. 

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Maria Porto

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