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When you use Online Access at Hanscom FCU, your accounts come with alerts designed to monitor and protect the assets you keep with us. Here are just 3 examples of the many alerts you can activate on your account:

1. Invalid Password Alert

You're settling back to watch some Netflix when your phone buzzes with a text from Hanscom FCU. An invalid password for your login ID has been submitted, but you haven't gone into your account all day. What gives?

This alert could be a warning that someone has tried, unsuccessfully, to log into your account. On the other hand, sometimes the alert is triggered when a legitimate budget or asset tracking app you use tries to update their files and you've recently changed your password. Our Remote Support team can advise you if this is the case, so give them a call if you haven't made a password mistake logging into your account. They can be reached at 800-656-4328.

You'll see a full list of security alerts under "Settings" and "Alerts." At the top of the list, click on "Edit Delivery Preferences" to enable our system to send you alerts by email, telephone, and/or text.

Not only do we have an alert for invalid password entries, we have one for when a valid password is entered. We offer 18 security alerts, all designed to keep you informed about any security event that occurs with your account.

2. Low Balance Alert

Tired of finding out the hard way that you've got more week left in your paycheck than cash? We've got an alert for that!

Log into Online Access, click on "Settings," and then "Alerts." At the top of the Alert screen, click on the "New Alert" button and select "Account Alert." 

Select the account you want to monitor (in this case, your checking account), then choose account balance type. If you want to get an alert for when your balance drops below a certain dollar amount, select "Current Balance." Then click "Less than" and the dollar amount you want to trigger the alert.  Choose your message delivery preference, and click "Create Alert."

For example, if you've selected an alert level of $500, the moment your account balance drops below $500, you'll get a message via email, text, voice, and/or a secure message through Online Access.

3. Debit or Credit Transaction Alerts

Want to get an alert anytime you spend more than a certain amount on your Hanscom FCU debit or credit card? Yup, we've got an alert for that, too!

Log into Online Access, click on "Settings," and then "Alerts." At the top of the Alert screen, click on the "New Alert" button, but this time select "History Alert." 

Let's say you want to be alerted any time there's a credit card transaction of more than $25 on your Hanscom FCU Platinum Mastercard.  Select "Credit Transaction" and click the "More than" button. Type in $25.00 in the "Amount" box, then select your credit card account from the drop-down menu under "Account." Choose your delivery method (email, voice, text, or Secure Message), then click "Create Alert."

If you want to create a similar alert for debit transactions on your Hanscom FCU checking account, you can do this by creating a second alert. In fact, you can create as many alerts on as many accounts as you desire!

Have any questions about your alerts and how to set them up to monitor and protect your accounts effectively? Please give our friendly Remote Support team a call at 800-656-4328.



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*Note that Hanscom FCU's Credit Score and Report Review requires a hard pull on your credit, which will temporarily reduce your credit score.

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