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If you’d like to build your savings but lack the money, time, or discipline to make deposits, you’re not alone. But now is the perfect time to get in the habit of saving, and we have an ideal way for you to save automatically with each paycheck.

We automatically do some things every day because they’re good for us: Brush our teeth. Buckle our seatbelts. Deposit money into our savings accounts. Oops – maybe scratch that last one.

Our CU Thrive account allows you to designate an amount of money to save every month, from $5 to $500. You choose how often to transfer funds from your Hanscom FCU checking account – with every paycheck, once or twice a month, or every week.

After one year, your CU Thrive account matures, and the whole amount, including your dividends, are transferred into your primary savings account. You can renew your CU Thrive and keep saving.

Automatic transfers ensure that you don’t overlook your savings goals. Since the money isn’t in your checking account, you’re less tempted to spend it. Plus, CU Thrive has an attractive rate to make saving even more rewarding.

Start Today

Even if you can only save a small amount at first, you’re developing a savings habit. As you see the balance grow, you’ll know the peace of mind that comes from having a cushion against a financial downturn.

Take this habit to the next step and set a goal. Save for a new car, prepare for a special purchase, or build an emergency fund. Knowing why you are saving makes it easier to achieve.

Let's get started!

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