People Helping People: How HFCU Helped Livhu Drive Away Happy

When Livhu took the keys to her new car, she was happy and relieved. Getting here was a bumpy road with some pretty sharp turns. But there was one person who helped drive the deal.

“I really, really like to help people,” said Sandra Scarela, Hanscom FCU loan officer. “When I learned of Livhu’s desire to get a car, I knew I could help.”

The journey began when Livhu’s mother, a Hanscom FCU member, agreed to sell a car to her daughter.  The arrangement would be a good one for Livhu, a college student who is carrying school debt. Sandra helped to arrange the financing.

Sandy_ScaleraHowever, before the sale was finalized, it came to a screeching halt. A serious accident totaled the car.

Originally, the insurance company offered $6,000 in repair coverage. But Sandra advised Livhu and her mother to refuse the payment. The three women knew the car was totaled, so they successfully held firm with the insurance company to get full payment for the loss.

In the meantime, Livhu drove an Enterprise rental car. When it was time to start shopping for a new car, she told Sandra that she liked her rental.

image111Knowing that Enterprise Car Sales is a Hanscom FCU partner, Sandra looked into the possibility of selling the rental car to Livhu. Not only was she able to arrange the sale, but she was able to secure financing for the deal. As an added bonus, Livhu got her first month’s payment for free through an Enterprise promotion that was running at the time.

As Livhu was getting ready to drive her new car off the lot, she took this photo with her car for Sandra. A bouquet of flowers, a teddy bear and a thank you note followed.

“I like when I can help people, especially when everybody else says no. To believe in them makes me happy,” Sandra said.


Learn more about how you can "Drive Away Happy" with Hanscom FCU. Download this free eGuide with tips and worksheets to help you with your car search. 

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