Seven Popular Mobile Banking Activities

A revealing report from the Federal Reserve, titled Consumers and Mobile Financial Services 2015, highlights what consumers are doing when they access account information on a mobile app.

Here are the seven most popular mobile banking activities, starting with the most popular:

  1. Checking an account balance or recent transaction. Some 94% of people check their balances on their phone at least once a year. See your account balances as well as transaction history for all your Hanscom FCU accounts with our mobile app.

  2. Downloading a mobile banking app. Seventy-one percent loaded an app on their phone in the last 12 months. Download the Hanscom FCU mobile app at Google Play or iTunes.

  3. Transferring money between accounts. More than six in 10 (61%) said they moved money from a savings to a checking account or vice versa. Keep your Hanscom FCU accounts up to speed by setting up one-time or recurring transfers in your account or another member account using our mobile app.

  4. Receiving an alert. Getting a notice by phone about your account is handy — 57% of consumers have done it. You can, too. Get an alert to your email or phone to track balances, transactions and account security on your Hanscom FCU account.

  5. Depositing a check using a mobile device. This is a growing practice. In 2014, just 38% of mobile account users indicated they used their phone's camera to deposit a check. In 2015, 51% did. Learn about our EasyDeposit Mobile service at

  6. Making a bill payment. Fully 48% used a mobile device to pay a bill through their financial institution this year. Hanscom FCU’s free Online Bill Pay is accessible on your phone. Learn more at

  7. Locating the closest in-network ATM. Some 40% of mobile banking users have done this in the past 12 months. We have over 100,000 surcharge-free locations. Find the closest one at


Get the most from your phone by downloading the Hanscom FCU mobile app at Google Play or iTunes.


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