Shop Online Securely With Click to Pay by Mastercard®

We’re offering a faster and smarter way for our members to shop online securely with their Hanscom FCU Mastercard® ATM & check card and credit cards. Mastercard’s Click to Pay is a new digital checkout option that uses advanced payment technology, like device recognition and fraud protection. It eliminates the need to create an account or remember a password, but it knows who you are at checkout. Simply choose the card you’d like to use, click to pay, and make your purchase safely and securely.

All you need to do is create a Click to Pay profile to register your Hanscom FCU Mastercard, which you can do at or by adding a card to Click to Pay during checkout with a participating online retailer.

If it’s your first time shopping with a participating merchant, you’ll need to enter your user ID, which is the email address associated with your Click to Pay profile. You’ll receive a one-time verification code, which will allow you to access your profile and checkout with a few easy clicks. Just select the “Remember Me” option at checkout and next time you shop there, you’ll be remembered as long as you use the same browser and your browser data hasn’t been deleted since your last visit. If you don’t check “Remember Me,” you’ll have to manually enter your user ID (email address) and a verification code every time you shop. You can also manage your devices in your Click to Pay profile.

Want to know if your favorite online merchant offers Click to Pay? Just look for the Mastercard logo and the Click to Pay icon on their website.

If you have additional questions about how Mastercard’s Click to Pay can make online shopping a faster and more secure experience, visit our website or speak with a Hanscom FCU Remote Services specialist at 800-656-4328.


Learn more about Hanscom FCU’s Mastercard ATM & Check Card security features here.Learn more about  Hanscom FCU credit cards

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