5 Ways to Engage Your Employees with Food

Much has been written about team-building activities in the workplace. Reactions are both good and bad, as it really depends on the team members and the challenge. But one activity that seems to draw interest across the board is taking a snack break together. As in, free food. And, hey, I’m all for free food!

Here are a few tasty ideas to try with your staff — especially those who have earned their just desserts.

1. Birthday cake — Okay, this is a given. Everyone likes a birthday cake — if only for the chance to walk away from assignments to wish a co-worker, “Happy Birthday.” If you work in a large company, try a once-a-month cake and celebrate all the birthdays that fall in that month.

2. Smarties — Those little tablet candy treats make a great reward for the employee who came up with a terrific new idea. Smarties for the smartie! Toss a few out at your next staff meeting. Or keep a handful nearby and ask, “Who’s going to be the smartie for this next project?” This is inexpensive, sweet fun.

3. Hero sandwich — What better way to say “thank you” to the employee who saved the day than with a free lunch? The next time one of your employees helps with an unexpected work problem, offer a hero for the hero. Serve up a foot-long from the local sub shop.

4. Ice cream — Did your employees “keep their cool” during a recent crisis? By all means, have them literally keep their cool with an ice cream treat. Ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cups, or popsicles will be a welcome Friday afternoon “cool down” from a stressful week.

5. Payday — This one is too easy, isn’t it? A bag of snack-size Payday candy bars are a fun, unexpected way to celebrate payday. “It’s payday, everybody!”

Now, as a bonus, I’m going to tell you about a way to get a free lunch for you and your staff. Among the most talked about programs we offer to companies are our free Lunch and Learn seminars. We teach groups on topics such as building a budget, buying a property, and protecting against identity theft. And we bring lunch.

Take a minute to learn more about these informative, educational, no-obligation programs (and the free lunch). Yet another way you can engage (and educate) your employees with food.

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