How can I add storage when updating a bathroom?

Storage in a bathroom is always in high demand.  There never seems to be enough room for the towels, toiletries get piled on the sink, and bulk packages of tissue get shoved into inconvenient places.  But adding storage to a bathroom home improvement project does not have to be as painful as it sounds if you take the time to plan.  Even if you have a bathroom the size of a closet or one with odd angles, here are some ideas to get you thinking more storage.

Tip-out drawers:

  • Adding a metal lined tip out drawer to a vanity is an easy way to add a little storage for those everyday essentials that end up as clutter on the sink. 
  • Tip outs can also work for a hidden laundry solution if built into an empty space in the wall between two studs. 

Floating shelves:

  • Floating shelved are a very easy way to create more storage in the bathroom.  If you love that pedestal sink, but really don't like the fact that there is no storage under it, attach a few shelves underneath of it.  Paint them the same color as the wall or sink to hide them and you have instant storage.  
  • You may also put your floating shelves higher up, however, do not make them at your or your spouse's temple level.  Trust me, it's painful. 

Recessed storage:

  • If the plumbing and electrical allow, consider removing the drywall between two studs and making a recessed set of shelves.  This works well in a small bathroom as it does not add bulk to the room.  They can be painted the color of the wall to hide, or a splash of color to breathe a little life into the room.
  • You may also add a door for a more hidden option. 

Dead Beat Vanity:

  • Vanities can sometimes be annoying pieces of work in your bathroom.  Big boxes filled with pipes, floor space, and maybe a few drawers on the side. Get inventive with your vanity and add more storage to it by placing a few narrow shelves along the sides of the cabinet.
  • Even if you have a pedestal sink, and space and budget allow, move the sink forward and place a narrow vanity behind it with lots of drawers.


  • Not too much into hammering?  Bypass the vanity all together and add hooks to the wall.  Hang colorful containers such as tin buckets for a unique space for toiletries and a very simple home improvement idea.  

Re-purpose a Hutch:

  • Although relegated as hulking giants to the dining room for years without number, spruce up a hutch and use it as a creative home improvement project in--you guessed it--the bathroom.  This can create a beautiful focal point for the bathroom as well as add a tremendous amount of storage. 

Go vertical:

  • If there is just not enough wall space for the amount of towel racks your family demands, go up. 
  • Decorate a reclaimed, wooden ladder, build a vertical towel tower yourself with bamboo, or buy one designed specifically for the bath.

Adding storage to a bathroom home improvement project can be more fun and less pain than you thought.  And the benefits far out weigh effort.  There are projects both big and small for every home owner looking for a home improvement ideas when remodeling a bathroom.  Just let your imagination go!

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