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What is a Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment?

Posted by MaryJo Kurtz on Sep 6, 2018 7:30:00 AM


I learned two things from my free Mass Save® home energy assessment last year: both the attic insulation and windows of my home are in great shape. This was good news to hear before investing in central air conditioning. The auditor also helped me prioritize home energy projects on my honey-do list. 

As a bonus, she replaced the incandescent bulbs in my home with compact fluorescent light bulbs. This simple switch, she explained, will save me about $10 in energy costs per light bulb each year! Did I mention that this service was free? 

Mass Save®  is an initiative sponsored by the gas and electric companies in Massachusetts to help residents and businesses manage energy use and save money. Part of the program includes the free Home Energy Assessment. 

When you schedule an assessment, a qualified representative visits your house and provides expert advice on how you can save energy. The assessor checks your home’s structural integrity, analyzes the systems’ maintenance, and considers the types of products you use. You will be given a detailed report identifying ways in which you can save energy, such as upgrading insulation or replacing showerheads. Together, you can prioritize possible improvements.




As an additional incentive, Mass Save® provides the opportunity to apply for 0% financing through its Mass Save® Heat Loan program. This is available for qualified energy efficient home improvements, such as adding high efficiency heating or water systems, improving your home’s insulation, and replacing windows. 

Hanscom Federal Credit Union is a participating statewide lender for the Mass Save® Heat Loan program. To learn more about this program, what it covers and how to qualify, click here. Together with Mass Save®, we can help you make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. 

Learn More About the  Mass Save 0% Heat Loan

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