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Why Bank at Work? For Your Company and Your Staff

Posted by Hanscom Federal Credit Union on Jul 5, 2016 1:13:33 PM

We love it every time a new member joins Hanscom FCU. What’s even more powerful is when an entire company joins our Select Employee Group (SEG) program a Bank at Work opportunity. 

First, all employees get the benefit of credit union membership. Second, the company has an additional tool for recruitment, retention, and productivity.

Third, it doesn’t cost a thing to add this benefit to a workplace. Just print a letter requesting to become a Bank at Work partner on your company letterhead. Done. Once you partner with Hanscom FCU, there is no expense and almost no staff time needed.

So, what’s the return, you ask? I wasn’t kidding about the benefits for a company. Becoming a Bank at Work partner gives you tools to promote financial stability and success for employees. Instead of fretting about finances, staff can devote more energy to work.

“When an employee is preoccupied with money worries, you run the risk of losing that employee to health-related problems and absenteeism,” Maria Porto, Hanscom FCU’s AVP of Partner Relations, told me.  “Waiting until an employee is in distress can lead to disengagement from work, and that may affect co-workers and customers. In short, their worries could become yours,” she warned.

Money stress is real and big. “We can help employees manage their credit with free credit score analysis and advice,” Maria offered. “When people feel better about their finances, they are more productive.”

The credit union benefit isn’t just for employees in financial disarray. We can help employees manage their personal lives in balance with a career. Instead of leaving the workplace to sign for a loan, employees can use email and sign documents electronically.

They can also pay bills online, transfer funds to billers, or send money to individuals. No more hard feelings about the check for that last group lunch order.

With our on-site education program, employees can learn to budget, invest, and protect themselves from ID theft. Those who want individual attention or prefer to learn outside the office have access to free one-on-one financial advice from a trained financial counselor.

You want your employees to build their future with you. Being a Hanscom FCU Bank at Work partner-can help them get there, and you’ll be the hero.

Learn more about becoming  a Bank at Work Partner


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