5 Moves to Simplify Your Summer

It’s National Simplify Your Life Week. How timely! Who doesn’t want more time for the simple joys of late summer? Whether you like Popsicles on the front step, running through the sprinkler, or going to an outdoor concert, don’t weigh yourself down with fussy routines or complicated plans.

An easy place to start is with your finances, and we can help. Here are five ways to get started today:

  1.        Schedule payments. Pay your bills automatically with Online Bill Payment. Sign up for eBills and receive the bill in your Hanscom FCU account. Set the payment date and amount, and you’re done. The money will go to your biller on the day you request. You can have email notices sent when bills arrive, when they are due, and when payment is sent.
  2.        Reduce the paper pile. Does the mail pile up in your front hall or kitchen counter? Eliminate paper statements by getting them online. Companies are only too happy to help you switch. Just look on your statement for instructions. Get information about Hanscom FCU’s Online Access HD at www.hfcu.org/access.
  3.        Get mobile.  Download our mobile app and take advantage of our time-saving services wherever you are. All the features you use in Online Access HD are here so you can zip through financial chores quickly.
  4.        Get paid early. Have you ever waited for your pay to hit your account, hoping it arrives before the bills go out? You can relax with Hanscom FCU’s Payday Perqs. When we are notified of a deposit, we’ll credit your account right away, so you can get to your money sooner.
  5.        Increase your ATM options. Do you go out of your way to find an ATM that won’t charge a fee? Use your ATM & Check card at one of our 100,000 surcharge-free locations. You probably pass one or more in your daily routine.

It takes almost no time to start using any of these services to simplify your life. Plus, you’ll reduce your chances of getting caught by an overdraft or late fee. 

Enjoy these next few weeks. Soon enough we will be busy with fall and winter routines. 

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