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These 3 Mobile Banking Tools Simplified My Life

Posted by Bill Burpeau on Jan 3, 2017 2:22:10 PM

Bill and his Cell Phone-1.jpgI love modern technology – especially in the world of financial services. It has given local banks and credit unions the ability to provide the same service as the big banks and yet still maintain that local flavor and outstanding member service.

The real secret to stress free finances is using a budget to plan them, and then keeping them organized. Modern financial tools have made it easy to budget and manage your money.

Here are three tools that I like the best. They enable me to do financial transactions quickly, easily, and on time.

  1. Electronic Bill Pay – Every pay day, I sit down at my computer, check my budget, and organize my bills. Then I log them into my check register, schedule them in Bill Pay, and forget about them. Mission accomplished. This is especially handy for variable bills like utility bills that can’t be put on an automated schedule. They get paid on time, every time.
  2. Easy Deposit – How great is it that I don’t have to go in a branch every time I get a check in the mail. Wait, but I work at HFCU – what’s the big deal? Well yes, I work at HFCU but there is not a branch in our office building. Besides, I live 40 miles from the nearest branch and my checks come to my house. How easy is it to take a photo and deposit the check the same evening that it arrives at the house? Done!
  3. Tax Summary – I love being able to grab my tax info right on line. In late January, I can bring up my tax info online, print it, and file it with my tax documents for the year. Then, when my other tax info arrives, I’m ready to go.

These are top three but I also use our locator to find surcharge free ATMs, set alerts for password fails and account balances, and rely heavily on mobile access to transfer funds and keep my check book balanced. With our great rates and wonderful service, why would I ever want to go to a big bank again!


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Bill_BurpeauBill Burpeau is the Multimedia Manager for Hanscom FCU.  He is an author and teaches personal financial management to high school students. His favorite quote is from John Maxwell – “If you don’t tell your money what to do, you’ll wind up wondering where it all went.”
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