5 Questions That Can Save You Money

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Want to save money? Here are five questions worth posing to save money without spending a dime.

1. "Do you have a discount for ______ members?"

Members of organizations like AAA and AARP are eligible for numerous discounts you may not be aware of. AAA, for example, provides discounts on gas, movie tickets, and popular clothing lines. AARP members can save on flower deliveries, fruit gift baskets, and weight loss programs, among other products and services. 

These are not the only organizations that can help you cut expenses. Memberships you have, such as ones with alumni groups, business associations, or fraternal organizations may help get you a discount; check on their websites or in your membership information. If you're a service member, retired military, or a first responder, many retailers and lenders offer discounts

Case in point: as a member of Hanscom FCU, you are entitled to a number of specials and discounts that can save you thousands. And for our active duty members in the military, the credit union also offers a 0.25% discount for loans on new and used vehicles (excluding motorcycles) and a $500 closing cost discount on a first mortgage.

2. Why is my cable bill so high?

During the pandemic, TV watching became a crucial form of entertainment for many of us. Check what you are paying for and make sure it’s worth it. Do you still need every premium channel?

When you figure out what you want, call your cable company and ask them how you can cut costs. A recent call to my cable company saved me $75 a month because of new packages that met my needs better.

And don’t hesitate to ask about streaming services. Some are connected to cable companies and might be thrown in for free. It never hurts to inquire!

3. How's my credit?

Accessing your credit report is the first step to making sure it’s accurate. The more solid your credit is, the better the chances that you will be approved for financing for a mortgage, car loans, and credit cards. The better your credit, the lower you'll pay in interest, which can save you thousands upon thousands of dollars over time. Scour your credit report and make sure it’s accurate; mistakes can and do happen. At annualcreditreport.com, the site authorized by federal law, you can request your free credit reports from all three credit bureaus once a week during the COVID-19 pandemic. And don't forget that Hanscom FCU offers a free credit score and report review for members.*

4. Do you offer free passes?

Books aren’t the only free items your local library offers. Many provide free or reduced passes to popular local attractions including museums, parks, zoos, and other popular attractions. But you have to ask! Pro tip: Call the location you want to visit before you go. There may be particular days that feature discounts.

5. Can you double this coupon?

This question, of course, requires a coupon to begin with. Always check store websites, advertising circulars, and even ask at the customer service desk or at the register if they have a coupon you can use. Then check if the coupon can be doubled, especially at grocery stores. Some stores even take competitors’ coupons, so get clipping .... and ask!

Be polite, be flexible, and understand that the answer won’t always be yes. But it will be, more often than you might think. It’s an easy way to say yes to savings!

* Note that Hanscom FCU's Credit Score and Report Review requires a hard pull on your credit, which will temporarily reduce your credit score.


A free credit report and score review may not only save you money, but can help you find mistakes that may be costing you. Learn more about this service here.

Get a free Credit Score Review


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