Earn More Credit Card Rewards in 3 Simple Steps

Credit card rewards programs offer valuable incentives for your loyalty. Use them to pay for most purchases, and you could earn free merchandise, gift cards, travel vouchers — even cashback. Of course, the more you spend, the faster you can earn points and enjoy the benefits of using a rewards credit card. But frivolous spending to earn points quickly can wreck your finances.

Follow these three simple steps to help maximize the points you earn without unnecessary spending.

Step 1: Sign up for a rewards credit card that matches your spending habits.

Maximizing the number of credit card points you earn for everyday spending starts with signing up for a program that lets you earn for recurring expenses like groceries, gas, or utility services. In addition, some programs allow you to earn double points in specific spending categories, like dining, travel, and restaurants.

Examine your spending by reviewing receipts and bank statements. To get the most benefit from a rewards program, select a rewards credit card that aligns most closely with your spending habits.

Step 2: Watch for special promotions.

Most credit card companies offer limited-time bonuses or special incentives for using the card at specific retailers. These promotions are typically found on the card issuer's website, so you'll need to log in to your account to view current deals. Or, stay-up-to date on their latest offers by opting into the credit card issuer's marketing emails.

Since these promotions aren't automatically applied to your account, you must have a way to stay informed.

Step 3: Pay your balance in full each month.

Maintain the value of every point earned by paying off your credit card balance each month. Points actually have a dollar value, and a credit card's interest rate is rarely lower than the card's reward rate. Carrying a balance from one month to the next will accrue interest charges and negate the rewards you earned. Late payment or over-the-limit fees can also eat away at the perks of using a rewards credit card.

Ensure your payments arrive before their due dates and for the entire account balance so you can enjoy the full value of your perks. And if you have to carry a balance, look for a rewards card that has a low APR. 

Rack up points fast when you use a rewards card that matches your lifestyle. Hanscom's CASH+REWARDS World Mastercard® allows cardholders to earn 1% cashback on every purchase. With no limit to the amount you can earn, it's possible to save up points for a large cashback check, dream vacation, sizeable donation to your favorite charity, and more. Apply for a World Mastercard today!


Learn more about the CASH + REWARDS World Mastercard

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