9 Reasons to Love Your Hanscom FCU ATM & Check Card

Your Hanscom FCU ATM & Check Card is now backed by secure chip technology as well as the power of MasterCard®.

  1. Theft Protection Services. MasterCard scours the internet and alerts you if it detects your personal and financial information – credit and debit cards, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers and other sensitive data – is being bought or sold online.

    Experts can help replace cards and documents right away if your wallet is lost or stolen. If you suspect your identity has been compromised, help is available 24/7/365 to guide you through the process, from filing an affidavit and cancelling accounts, to notifying the major credit reporting agencies.

    MasterCard is the only payment brand that provides these theft protection services at no cost to cardholders. Take five minutes to sign up your card at www.mastercard.us/idtheftalerts.

  2. Online Shopping Protection. MasterCard SecureCode™ enhances your ATM & Check Card with a private code, similar to a PIN. Use the code when you shop at participating online retailers for additional protection against unauthorized use of your card.

  3. Zero Liability Protection.  You are protected from unauthorized transactions, including PIN-based transactions at the point of sale, ATM withdrawals and online or mobile transactions.

  4. Automatic Updates for Recurring Debits. We’ll automatically update your card information with recurring billers in the event of an expired, lost, stolen or compromised card. You won’t get stuck making those calls or, worse, having services delayed or suspended due to outdated card information.

  5. Save at the Pump with Fuel Rewards. MasterCard’s free Fuel Rewards® Network makes it easy to save with discounted fuel each time you fill up at participating Shell stations. It’s easy to sign up. 

  6. Apple Pay®. Enjoy the convenience of paying with your iPhone® 6 or Apple Watch® at participating retailers. Learn more at www.hfcu.org/mobilepay.

  7. Worldwide Acceptance. Already, members have conducted thousands of transactions with their ATM & Check Cards totaling millions of dollars without encountering acceptance issues. MasterCard is accepted at over

    200 million merchants and 1.5 million ATM locations in over 200 countries and territories.

  8. Surcharge-Free ATMs. As you have come to expect from us, you will continue to have access to over100,000 ATMs with no surcharge.

  9. MemberPoints. You'll continue to earn MemberPoints redeemable for gift cards, merchandise or travel rewards.

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