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Nearly 30% of Employers Offer Personal Financial Education Programs

Posted by Maria Porto on Jan 28, 2016 12:47:56 PM

Financial_Education.jpgIt was very encouraging to read this blog from HR pro Lenny Sanicola this morning. In it, he talks about the growing number of employers who are adding financial wellness programs to their employee benefits programs. Great news, indeed. But with only 28 percent of employers offering such programs, we still have a long way to go.

Over and over again health and stress management issues top employee wellness program directives, with the majority offering some type of health maintenance program. Yet many of these very health issues are the direct result of personal financial stress. To be clear, nearly three quarters of Americans report feeling stressed about money over the past month, and 40 percent report living paycheck-to-paycheck. Yet only 28 percent of employers are addressing this topic.

Money stress is real and big – and it is the underlying cause of health-related absenteeism and issues among those on your payroll. So where do you begin to address such a prevalent problem? Well, as Maria told the children in the classic Sound of Music, the beginning is a very good place to start.

Programs on creating a budget, basic investing, managing debt, understanding credit, getting a mortgage, buying a car, and saving for retirement offer real-time solutions for your employees. Along with the talented financial educators on my team, I experience first-hand how classes on these topics impact stressed employees. Each time we present one of our Lunch and Learn seminars, we answer personal questions and assist in moving personal financial issues to a solution.

Does it cost a lot to offer this type of education to your employees? No. We offer these programs at no cost to you. Our Lunch and Learn educational programs are less than an hour long, include lunch, and cover the very topics that are causing financial stress for so much of America. As a bonus, the material we cover has no agenda. We are a nonprofit organization that specializes in financial education.

I invite you to find out how you and your employees can benefit from the programs we offer. Contact me today for information about our Lunch and Learn seminars. I can answer your questions and explain the programs. Let’s make your company the next to add financial wellness to the employee benefits package.

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