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Here's How to Avoid Rising ATM Fees

Posted by MaryJo Kurtz on Oct 2, 2019 10:12:00 AM

As a credit union member, you're a savvy consumer. I’ll take it a step further: you're brilliant. This statement is underscored by a recent survey that shows the average cost for an ATM withdrawal hit a record $4.72 in the last year, up 3.3% over the past three years and 33% the past decade. It's also a cost that you, in your wisdom, have chosen not to pay as a member of Hanscom FCU.

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Your Branch Network is Bigger Than Bank of America’s

Posted by MaryJo Kurtz on Jun 24, 2015 10:17:00 AM

You have bragging rights. As an HFCU member, you have access to thousands of Co-op Shared Branch locations across the US. In fact, your branch network includes 5,341 locations — nearly 100 more than the number of Bank of America branches (5,244).

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