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Hanscom FCU's Financial Education Programs Win Excellence Award

Posted by Diana Burrell on Sep 14, 2018 8:42:22 AM

Earlier this summer Hanscom FCU was presented with the America Saves Designation of Savings Excellence Award in recognition of our member outreach during America Saves Week, February 26 - March 3, 2018. The award was given by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America, which coordinates the week-long spring campaign.

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Get ready for changes to military retirement plans

Posted by Hanscom Federal Credit Union on Mar 7, 2017 1:02:38 PM

The US Military retirement system is making big changes. Starting January 1, 2018, the Department of Defense will implement a new retirement system, affecting about 2.2 million people. If you are among that number, you have some decisions to make.

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Military Saves Week: Your Key to Saving Success!

Posted by Hanscom Federal Credit Union on Feb 22, 2017 2:15:15 PM

So, how is your savings account looking these days? If it’s not quite where you want it, consider recommitting to a regular savings habit. Even a small amount, saved repeatedly, can put you on the path to financial wellness.

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A Spouse’s Pre-Deployment Financial Checklist

Posted by Josh Paul on Oct 3, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Hanscom FCU Resource: A Spouse’s Pre-Deployment Financial Checklist

Getting ready for a husband or wife in the military to be deployed is an emotional time. Financial issues might not be at the front of your mind, but having a plan in place before your spouse leaves can help relieve money-related stress later on.

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America Saves Week: Set a Goal. Make a Plan. Save Automatically.

Posted by Bill Burpeau on Feb 22, 2016 1:15:00 PM

By Katie Bryan, America Saves Communications Manager
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Job Resources for Military Spouses

Posted by Hanscom Federal Credit Union on Feb 19, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Being the husband or wife of a member of the armed forces can present unique challenges when it comes to landing and keeping a job. However, you have the advantage of access to several organizations geared toward helping people just like you find work.

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Military Families: Consider These Special Budget Items

Posted by Hanscom Federal Credit Union on May 25, 2015 5:00:00 AM

Because your military family faces some financial realities that are different than civilian households, careful budgeting is a must. If you use a standard budget worksheet, though, you may get the nagging feeling you are missing a few key categories. Here are some types of income, spending and saving you should take special care not to forget.

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5 Bad Reasons to Jump into Real Estate: Active Duty Military May Want to Wait

Posted by Hanscom Federal Credit Union on Apr 28, 2015 11:22:00 AM

It’s spring, the time of year when flowers are blooming, the weather is warming up — and thousands of military members and their families are preparing to PCS to a new duty station. As soon as those orders drop the search for a home begins, faster than you can type “” (the Department of Defense-sponsored housing referral site) into an Internet browser.

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Hanscom FCU Extends LifeLine to Department of Homeland Security Workers

Posted by Josh Paul on Feb 27, 2015 9:35:00 AM

Hanscom Federal Credit Union, stands ready to offer assistance in the event of a shutdown at the Department of Homeland Security.

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Nine emergency budget cuts to help you through a government shutdown.

Posted by Josh Paul on Feb 25, 2015 1:59:00 PM

The potential Department of Homeland Security shutdown could impact many of the Hanscom FCU family. The suddenness of a furlough combined with it's undetermined length is enough to throw anyone into a panic. But the best way to get through times like these is to stay calm and put a budget plan together that reduces expenses.  Here are nine areas for quick and effective cuts.  Some are obvious and some you may not have considered.

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