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9 tips for working with your caterer while planning a fall wedding.

planning a fall wedding

Fall weddings have become quite trendy in recent years. The gorgeous colors give your wedding a beautiful backdrop.  Temperatures can be perfect for either an outdoor or indoor wedding. Venues abound and are less expensive than during the traditional wedding season. Food is another area where you can really take advantage of the season, both in the dinner menu and the desserts.

Understand the Interest Rate on Your Credit Card

Credit Card Interest Rates

Credit card interest rates can be a tricky business. Yours may start low then go sky high after a few months. Your rate can also change if you pay late, charge beyond your limit, perform a balance transfer or get a cash advance.

Investment Property Ownership: How much property do you need?

Financing an investment property

In the August, 2014 edition of Money Magazine is a great article entitled, "How to Reach One Million Dollars".  It presents a half dozen ways to make it to $1 million, one of which is Investment Property Ownership. Debunking the myth that "You have to be a full-time landlord to get to $1 million; it lays out the steps to get there by owning just a few rentals.

Stop the Insanity! A Lesson in Responsible Credit Card Usage

responsible credit card use

At one time in my life I had 12 credit cards. It seems that every store I shopped in offered one and for some reason, I got them. I thought it made me look more grown up or financially savvy. But the truth is, all those cards did for me was get me into debt. It took me a few years, but I got rid of all but two cards and used them very sparingly. I was determined not to get caught up in another cycle of charging, minimum payments, late fees and stress.

Investment Property Ownership - 6 Essential Tips

Financing an Investment Property

Here are six essential tips to help ensure that you realize the largest possible profit from your investment property: 

College Students and Credit Cards

College Students and Credit Cards

My son is a college student and he has a credit card. He didn’t use it to buy plane tickets or expensive electronic gadgets, just gas, groceries, and a few drugstore items. But it all added up and when the school year ended, he had accrued quite a big balance. He got a full-time summer job and had to apply almost everything he earned toward his bill. Yes he paid it off, but he had almost no money saved for the start of the next school year.

Financing an Investment Property, how do you secure it?

financing an investment property

Now that you’ve found a property, it’s time to start looking for financing. Talk to several lenders, compare terms and rates and decide if this is someone you can comfortably work with. Yes you need to like them, but you also need to make sure they are someone who can help you understand all the issues associated with purchasing investment property. Pick someone you trust and find easy to work with.

Back to School Savings Tips for 2014

Back to School

Back to school spending is on the rise. American families with kindergartners through seniors will spend an average of $669 on school-related apparel, shoes, supplies and electronics this summer, up 5.4% from a year ago, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Investment Property Ownership: Finding the Right Property

financing an investment property

There are many places to find available properties: MLS listings, your local newspaper, word of mouth,, or a For Sale sign at the property. You can also join a local Real Estate Investor Association or Real Estate Investment Club. They’re great sources of information for both the novice and expert investor.

A quick review of the credit card rules

good credit card habits

Credit card issuers have had to follow a lot of new rules the past 3 - 4 years due to the Credit Card Act of 2009. These laws, created by the Federal Reserve Board, are designed to make sure we’re treated fairly by companies that issue credit cards.

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