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Financing an Investment Property, how do you secure it?

financing an investment property

Now that you’ve found a property, it’s time to start looking for financing. Talk to several lenders, compare terms and rates and decide if this is someone you can comfortably work with. Yes you need to like them, but you also need to make sure they are someone who can help you understand all the issues associated with purchasing investment property. Pick someone you trust and find easy to work with.

Back to School Savings Tips for 2014

Back to School

Back to school spending is on the rise. American families with kindergartners through seniors will spend an average of $669 on school-related apparel, shoes, supplies and electronics this summer, up 5.4% from a year ago, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Investment Property Ownership: Finding the Right Property

financing an investment property

There are many places to find available properties: MLS listings, your local newspaper, word of mouth,, or a For Sale sign at the property. You can also join a local Real Estate Investor Association or Real Estate Investment Club. They’re great sources of information for both the novice and expert investor.

A quick review of the credit card rules

good credit card habits

Credit card issuers have had to follow a lot of new rules the past 3 - 4 years due to the Credit Card Act of 2009. These laws, created by the Federal Reserve Board, are designed to make sure we’re treated fairly by companies that issue credit cards.

Investment property ownership starts with the right broker

financing an investment property

Many things play a part in your journey to investment property ownership, starting with finding the right real estate broker. There are literally hundreds to choose from. So where do you begin?

CU Service Centers: It's like having 5,000 Hanscom FCU Branches.

CU Service Center

I was amazed earlier this year when talking to a teacher at a seminar.  He claimed to "hate his bank" but stayed with them because of convenience when he traveled.  I mentioned that Credit Union Service Centers were like having 5,000 branches across the country.  His reply, "Never heard of them!"

The Keys to Successful Investment Property Ownership

financing an investment property

If you’ve thought it over carefully, clearly defined your goals, examined your financial situation and are ready to jump into financing an investment property, there are really just three factors that will play a role in your success:

Plan a surcharge free ATM trip this summer.

Surcharge Free ATM

Saving money involves removing all uncertainty.  With just a little bit of planning, you can remove the uncertainty around whether or not you’ll have to pay a fee to access your money at an ATM.  We believe you should never pay to access your cash. Here are six tips to use on trips this summer:

Before financing an investment property, consider this:

financing an investment property

In order for this to be an enjoyable, rewarding and lucrative experience, it’s vital that you’re fully aware of what’s involved and required to be successful. While this article not meant to deter you, it is meant to honestly depict all the responsibilities of property ownership.

Debt Protection Saved Us!

Debt Protection

Even though we appear to be living very comfortably, many of us are living in precarious financial situations. We work hard, pay our bills, take a nice vacation every year and contribute to our 401(k) faithfully, but truth be told, we don’t have a lot left over after that.

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