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Leasing Fees for Dummies - Understanding Your Lease Agreement

Lease Terms

When I get a new car, I’m usually so excited about it that I don’t pay much attention to the rather boring and overwhelming financial details of the deal. I’d much rather think about the fancy GPS system, the heated seats (score!) and the beautiful interior than the interest rate, doc fees and destination charges.


Plan now for the “Big Five” holiday expenses

Holiday Spending

Americans plan to up their holiday spending this year. That’s according to a new survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF). Considering that three of the four most expensive holidays of the year arrive in the next two months, a few extra bills at the end of the year might take the happy out of the new year — unless you have a plan.

Learn Something New Every Day - You Can Lease a Used Car

can I lease a used car

I just learned something the other day. I’m in the process of getting a new car so I was going over my finances, trying to decide whether I should buy a new or used car (I have my eye on a Ford Fusion!) or lease one. Then a friend told me I could lease a used car. Who knew?


Is it Better to Lease or Buy a Car?

Buy or Lease

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories. The one from your work buddy who leased a car and had to write a ginormous check at the end of the lease for going over the mileage? Or how about your sister who lost her job, couldn’t get out of her lease and badly damaged her credit score? On a happier note, there’s the one about your next door neighbor who, because he leases all the time, always has the coolest car on the block. And his car never spends any time in the shop.


What upfront business fees can a landlord charge?

investment property ownershipBy Phil Purcell

As you consider investment property ownership, there are many things to educate yourself about as I've written about in my recent blog posts.  An additional area to consider is which upfront fees you can and can't legally charge.  

Four steps to help rebuild credit using your credit card.

credit score review

All too often, credit cards are to blame for a bad credit score. Obviously it’s not the card’s fault, but the user who mishandles it. Missed or late payments, years of making only minimum payments and huge bills can cause your credit score to go down considerably.

Credit Card Myths Debunked!

credit card confusion

Way back when, I used to think the stuff I bought with my credit card was free. Not really, of course, but it can sure seem like that when you never see any money exchanging hands. Credit cards can really lull you into a false sense of financial stability.

9 tips for working with your caterer while planning a fall wedding.

planning a fall wedding

Fall weddings have become quite trendy in recent years. The gorgeous colors give your wedding a beautiful backdrop.  Temperatures can be perfect for either an outdoor or indoor wedding. Venues abound and are less expensive than during the traditional wedding season. Food is another area where you can really take advantage of the season, both in the dinner menu and the desserts.

Understand the Interest Rate on Your Credit Card

Credit Card Interest Rates

Credit card interest rates can be a tricky business. Yours may start low then go sky high after a few months. Your rate can also change if you pay late, charge beyond your limit, perform a balance transfer or get a cash advance.

Investment Property Ownership: How much property do you need?

Financing an investment property

In the August, 2014 edition of Money Magazine is a great article entitled, "How to Reach One Million Dollars".  It presents a half dozen ways to make it to $1 million, one of which is Investment Property Ownership. Debunking the myth that "You have to be a full-time landlord to get to $1 million; it lays out the steps to get there by owning just a few rentals.

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