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Is Investment Property Ownership Right for You?

financing an investment property

Being a real estate investor may sound like a great idea; a pretty painless way to make some extra money. But of course, it’s not quite that simple. Before you invest, ask yourself what your goal is in owning commercial real estate: 

Your HELOC is a matter of public record, treat it accordingly.

HELOC is a public record

All deeds of entrust, including your HELOC are recorded for public record upon closing the loan. It is really a contingency of funding the loan; lenders will not release the funds from the closing until they have evidence that the deed was recorded.

6 Ways Kids Can Earn Money This Summer

earn money this summer

School’s out and, chances are, your kids are on the hunt for cash. When they don’t have enough money to buy X, Y or Z, they want a fast fix (and an instant cash infusion from you!). At the same time, you want to teach them that money doesn’t grow on trees. Here's a solution: Get the kids thinking about ways to use their free time to earn some extra money this summer. Here are a few ideas to get started:

Financing a Vacation Home

Financing a second home

Summer’s here and you’re probably thinking about how to spend your precious vacation time. Of course there are lots of great places to take the family, but maybe this year you’ve finally decided to look into buying that vacation home you’ve been dreaming about.

Saving Money On Vacation

Summer Selfie

Summertime often means getting away on vacation, but it can also mean spending too much. According to an American Express study last year, the average American spent some $1,145 on vacations. Flights and hotels can take up the majority of that, but there are other ways to save so that you can still relax without busting your checking account.

Mastering the HELOC Lingo

HELOC terminology

In the last month or so we’ve shared lots of useful tips about HELOCs: what to use them for, what NOT to use them for, and who should or shouldn’t get one. All helpful information if you’re considering tapping into the equity in your home.

Never pay to access your cash.

Surcharge Free ATM

Why did the ATM user cross the road? 

A HELOC might not be right for you if…


Home equity loans are great. They offer a convenient, low-cost way for homeowners to borrow money. However, a HELOC isn’t necessarily right for everyone.

What to expect with my first hybrid car.

First Hybrid

Cars that are completely electric can be quite expensive, which is why many people are opting to buy hybrid cars instead.  When shopping for a hybrid car, you still want to follow the same car buying process you would with a conventional car. But that being said, there are a number of good reasons to consider buying your first hybrid car.


Is it smart to use equity in the home to pay for college?

HELOC for College

As parents, we want to do as much as we can for our kids. In fact these days, many parents are accused of doing too much for their children, resulting in a spoiled and entitled generation. So when it comes to college expenses, should you help cover them or not? How much is too much and what’s generally expected or acceptable?

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