Apple Pay™ and Chip Card Technology Coming Soon!

Your ATM & Check Card and Platinum Credit Card will soon carry the latest chip technology designed to increase security and decrease fraud.

As part of this upgrade, new cards will be issued through MasterCard®.

Widely used in Europe and Canada, chip cards look like typical plastic cards, but have an embedded microchip. The new ATM & Check Card and Platinum MasterCard card will function in chip-enabled terminals.

Your new cards will also be compatible with Apple Pay, so you can make mobile payments at participating retailers. Should you need to use a terminal or ATM that has yet to upgrade, you can still use the magnetic stripe.

To use your chip card, insert it in the card reader and follow the instructions on the screen. Your card can continue to be used for online and phone transactions just like it is today.

As part of the MasterCard family, you will enjoy additional benefits, including fuel savings through the Fuel Rewards® Network, travel services and shopping benefits. Your cards will have acceptance worldwide and your ATM & Check Card purchases will continue to earn MemberPoints.

Beginning in the fall, you will receive a replacement card for each active ATM & Check Card and credit card you have with us. Merchants that have your card information for recurring payments will be notified with your new account number and expiration date.

You will receive more information about the changes and your new benefits before your new cards are sent. When the change is completed, your existing cards will no longer be valid.

We think you’ll like the new benefits and security that your MasterCard chip-enabled cards will offer you.

Learn more about chip card technology on our blog: Your Credit Card Will Be Changing.

Download the Hanscom FCU mobile app at Google Play or iTunes.

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